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Cyberflix TV APK: If you want to watch your favorite show or movie online, you need to watch it on one of the OTT platforms. so you need to buy a subscription to that OTT platform to get access to the content on it.  But it might be expensive for some people but still, they love to watch those movies or else.

So there is another alternative where you can watch all the shows, high-quality movies, web series, and many more by using Cyberflix tv APK. The Cyberflix app is one of the best streaming apps which has huge content where you can find almost everything. Cyberflix TV is one of the best streaming applications to use and has many features even it is not available in the play store.

So you need to download the cyberflix apk from the link below. Once the apk is downloaded you can install it on your smartphone and use it. Cyberflix Tv has many features and you can see many updated movies on their list and you can search your favorite shows and almost everything is available on cyberflix. You can directly stream the selected Movie or show it in HD resolution from the inbuilt player in it.

cyberflix apk download

The main features of the cyberflix TV


The cyberflix TV is free to use and stream any movie and TV shows and Unlimited downloads without asking you a single penny. The more important thing is ADDS this cyberflix apk is added free and it doesn't have any in-app purchases.

Offline downloads

We all love this feature and it is a single click away in cyberflix apk. You just need to select your favorite movie by using the advanced filter and just select download then it saves offline in your local drive and you can watch with buffer-free. We have an extra added feature in cyberflix apk: you can download the latest movies and TV shows with the AUTO DOWNLOAD feature. It will download as soon as it arrives in the repository of the Cyberflix app.


The cyberflix apk has a huge catalog to choose from. You can find your favorite movie or TV show by filtering with the different genres available like sci-fi, Horror, Action, thriller, Comedy, Adventure, Animation, Drama, Romance, and much more. 

Inbuilt player

This cyberflix apk has an inbuilt player which is not available in most streaming applications. You can select one of the movies to stream and it will play from one of the internal players EXOPLAYER available in cyberflix apk. You can also change the player settings and can stream from the  different available players in your smartphone like MX player and VLC media player.

Subtitle support

If you are not very good in English and unable to understand or watch in different languages, we have our forever loved feature subtitle. You can select the subtitle option and choose subtitles available in it.

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