E2pdf Apk Download - All in one Backup Application for Android

E2pdf apk download: E2PDF is one of the best backup APK you can use. It provides multiple backup features in single package ex:- SMS backup, Call logs Backup, True caller, statistics and contacts backup. For each and every backup there is a different application in the market but with E2PDF you can avail all these features in a single package and it provides the data in PDF format and also you can save the backup in your cloud storage or google drive/Dropbox.

E2pdf Apk Download

All About E2pdf App

e2pdf apk download is a very simple and highly productive application. This feature rich application allows us to backup only specific backups if you require. For example if you want to backup only specific messages from your inbox you need to select the message conversation you want to backup then the conversation appears on the screen then it will ask you for the file name enter the file name and proceed. Then it creates the backup file either in PDF format or XML format in the local drive from there you can send/upload the backup file into Google Drive or Dropbox or whichever cloud storage you feel comfortable and secure.

E2PDF APK Download Features

Contact Backup

In this you can backup your whole contact list or if you want to only backup some specific contacts only. It provides this type of facility as well. The backup is saved into the local drive from there you can export to Google drive.

Call Logs

In this you can backup the whole call logs or else you can backup only specific logs like only missed call logs or else received call logs only so the backup file will be ready and you can use it to restore into any other mobile or as per your requirement.

SMS backup

For SMS backup you need to just select the SMS and hit backup then the application starts backup and you can also select a specific SMS to be backed up as well.

Call and SMS Statistics

If you want to see the statistics of your call logs and SMS then this app provides this feature as well. In this you can select the Call logs or SMS then you can check the statistics of number of calls received and number of calls missed. If you want to get statistics information of a specific range you need to select the range and click proceed then it will show the statistics of that range. It applies for both Calls and SMS.

How to Download E2pdf APK


E2PDF is a highly productive tool/app which has many useful features in it.  In our daily life and this internet growing society we need to backup our data regularly and keep it safe. By keeping a regular backup it can save you from accidental or intentional removal of data from your smartphone. However this app doesn't consume much space. It is a very light weight app with rich features. 

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